Tuesday, July 17

Bringin em' Back!

Ok here are some epic blogs that people put a lot of work into, but no one ever  gets on there anymore, give em' a visit sometime, you might be suprised at how good some of them are :)

My Art Gallery:  http://myrockinart.blogspot.com/
Anime Freak: http://coolanimefreak.blogspot.com/
Realm Of Endless Grass: http://realmofendlessgrass.blogspot.com/
New Misty Cove: http://ihavefaithinmistycove.blogspot.com/
Uncharted Territory: http://unchartedisle.blogspot.com/

Saturday, June 16

New Blog!!

Hello Blog goers! Welcome to Feral Elements, a fantasy element wolf rp. Me and Jet used to have this roleplay about element wolves (fire, ice, earth,etc.) , and I decided to make a blog about it! See, Jet already has an Element wolf blog about the same roleplay we did a long time ago, so i dedcide to make one better thatn hers!!!! *evil laugh* lol JKJK, but i do think it will be cool to see two blogs about the same thing, but im still going to make this blog unique and creative as possible.Oh! and you post your characters on what ever pack you want them to be in :) Here's some info that you might need about the wolves -
The Elements-
(tell me if you think of another good element)

Ranking- The ranking's a little differant than that of a normal wolf pack, because I added some exra roles such as Storyteller, Caretaker, Etc...
And since this roleplay is by no means realistic, I think the extra roles will be a good addition to the pack :)